Judgement of Oakland TM Results and Report

Oakland Wine Festival July 15, 2017

Fine Wine Glass Ceiling Crashed at the Second Annual Oakland Wine Festival’s Judgment of Oakland ™

FULL REPORT HERE: Oakland Wine Festival Judgement of Oakland ™ Full Report and Results

The Oakland Wine Festival is excited to present the final results of the Judgement of Oakland TM which broke ground by inviting consumers to join with leaders in the wine world to participate in a double-blind tasting of top wines from around the world.   The Judgment of Oakland TM is the first ever double-blind tasting to include consumers, tasting side-by-side with winemakers and winery owners which is a rare experience that only select professionals have enjoyed for centuries worldwide.

The event, nestled high in the Oakland Hills, behind the closed doors of the Sequoyah Country Club, featured 129 affordable to quite expensive wines in a broad range of varietals and wine styles.

A select team of sommeliers and wine educators led the participants through the tasting and voting process.  Each wine bottle was hidden in a plush velvet bag, and accompanied by a voting box to hold the votes cast within the following five categories: consumers, sommeliers, winemakers, trade, and media.  Over 200 winemakers, vintners, winery owners, sommeliers, trade, media and an array of wine aficionados double-blind tasted and voted on the wines.

“This was a great opportunity for our consumer participants to see what it’s like to be on the inside,” said Russ Weis, President, Silverado Vineyards and Honorary Steering Committee Member.  “And this really gave our winery partners the opportunity to learn a lot more about what consumer want to see on their dinner tables.  There was a clear correlation between price and quality in the results.”

A Depth of Varietals!
A Depth of Varietals!

Presenting such a depth of wine varietals supports the educational and charitable goals of the Oakland Wine Festival. Consumers and wine professionals applauded the uniqueness of this event.  All were encouraged to vote their wine palates and to responsibly taste the wide variety of national and international wines during this educational and fun event.  In that spirit, every participant did not submit a vote for every wine tasted. Winemakers, vintners, consumers, members of the media and wine trade industry spent much time meeting and enjoying one another while feasting on crispy hot tater tots, savory biscuits and delicious bacon during the brunch that accompanied the Judgment of Oakland ™ double-blind tasting, which was subtitled, “Biscuits, Bacon and Bottles.” JaM Cellars and Trentadue Winery sponsored the sparkling wines for this brunch event.

Statistics for the Judgment of Oakland ™


Russ Weis, President, Silverado Vineyards and Honorary Steering Committee Member states, “Wineries clearly wanted the Oakland consumer to try more Cab than Chardonnay.  With Cab Franc coming in at 5% of the entries, it matches the Sauvignon Blanc numbers.  That’s a very interesting wrinkle.  Could Cab Franc catch up to Sauvignon Blanc’s 9.6 million cases in the US market?  I doubt it, but it is interesting that wineries wanted to test the waters at the Oakland Wine Festival!”

FULL REPORT HERE: Oakland Wine Festival Judgement of Oakland ™ Full Report and Results

July 15, 2017