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Fine Wine Glass Ceiling Shatters:

Oakland Wine Festival Judgement of Oakland TM Full Report and Results

Who Is Melody Fuller?

New:  Written By Sharon Pieniak  Doors Open Wide: Meet Melody Fuller and the Oakland Wine Festival

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Oakland Wine and Food Society, Est. 2015

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July 16, 2016

Napa Valley Vintner’s: Napa Rocks!

Sonoma County Tourism Welcomes You!

Acclaimed Winemaker, Julio Mourelle, from SPAIN who has been the winemaker at Marqués de Griñón since 1995

 Carolyn Gallagher, an amazing wine educator and private tour host from ARGENTINA

Evan Goldstein, Master Sommelier, the wines of SOUTH AMERICA


Results Released
Another Oakland Wine Festival First!


California’s First Double Blind Wine Tasting and Voting

Including consumers in our First Double Blind Wine Tasting was an innovative way to educate and surprise the expert or the novice with over 100 elegantly bagged wines.  Consumers tasted side by side with winemakers, restaurateurs, sommeliers, media, trade and other novices and experts!

Every opinion counted in the: 2016 JUDGEMENT OF OAKLANDTM

July 15, 2017